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Alcoholoco, which has been the creator, leader and pioneer of innovations in the industry since 2003, continues to grow as the "Loco Entertainment Group". As "Loco Entertainment Group", which diversifies its services in the beverage catering field, we are assertive to be the only address for quality in alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage service at all kinds of corporate events.

With our experienced management and field team, we can serve simultaneously in more than 10 events, both domestic and international events, weddings, invitations, product promotions, fairs, openings, launches, congress dealer meetings, year-end invitations, gala nights, festival and staff We offer alternatives for different types of organizations such as evenings.


We provide service with our specially designed kitchen on a 1.000m2 area, our production workshop producing 1.5 tons of cocktails per week, our design department, workshop areas and offices.

With our professional team of up to 300 people, we have the infrastructure to serve from an invitation of 20 people to events of 20,000 people and a monthly production capacity of 150,000 glasses.

Within Loco Entertainment, we serve with 5 different brands, namely Alcoholoco Bar Services, Loco Academia, Loco Space, Refresh'in and LOCO Artizanal Cocktail Mix.

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