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We offer several different services within the “Loco Academia”. We organize cocktail and tasting workshops with Loco Academia in order to create a brand new alternative to in-house motivational activities. In the workshops, where the participants start with basic drinking training, we explain the recipes and preparations of the selected cocktails in practice. In this way, the participant not only becomes a partner in the process by experiencing a mixology, but also has the opportunity to learn how to make cocktails from an expert. Bar service, bar catering, cocktail organization

Another training includes vocational training. We provide professional mixology trainings that give ideas about offering different areas of use to bartenders who have just started their profession or to experienced bartenders. We contribute to the development of the sector with many trainings such as world trends, smoking, infuse, molecular.

We also provide menu consultancy services to hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs with Loco Academia. In addition, we also provide human resources services that provide personnel support for venues.

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