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As Alcoholoco, we have the infrastructure to serve events that appeal to tens of thousands, from a sincere home invitation with our professional team of more than 300.

With our experienced supervisor team, we can serve more than 15 events simultaneously. In recent years, we offer alternatives for different types of organizations with our brand, which has been active in the corporate and private fields abroad as well as in the country.

Our Alcoholoco brand, which is indispensable for parties with its personalized cocktail and beverage menus, world-famous recipes and special glass decorations, is the only address for quality and taste in bar services… Taste of fun!
















We prepare all our bars by our own design department and produce them in-house. We have many bar alternatives with LED lights, in different color alternatives, that can be branded and can be installed in different sizes.

All of our presentation accessories are prepared and produced by our own design team. In the invitations of our customers, all of our accessories can be used, as well as accessories suitable for the concept.

We have many costume alternatives suitable for different concepts for our entire bartender and barmaid team. Shirts, vests and aprons in different colors for our bartenders can be complemented with suspenders, bow ties and hat alternatives.
For the Barmaid team, we have more than 40 costume alternatives suitable for almost every concept.

In addition to our shot cocktails, which consist entirely of our own recipes, we can offer dozens of long drink cocktail alternatives that appeal to both the eye and the palate. In addition, we offer classic mixology cocktails to our guests with the difference of Alcoholoco.
We are at the service of those who want to make a difference in invitations with our molecular mixology cocktails.


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If you say you don't want a bar set up in the invitation area, Presentation Show is just for you...
Delicious cocktails prepared by alcoholoco bartenders are served by our hostesses with different presentation accessories. As a more economical alternative, Presentation Show is designed to enjoy your entertainment even before the bar is set up.

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After that, don't be surprised if you come across cocktails in the form of caviar, cubes, stars or foam at your invitations. Alcoholoco continues to be the pioneer of innovations by bringing molecular cocktails, which have become increasingly popular all over the world, to the menus of the most famous restaurants, bars and nightclubs.
Molecular mixology, with its simple definition, can be defined as the presentation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails in a semi-fluid jelly consistency using very different techniques. The outer surface of the cocktails hardens and takes on the consistency of jelly, while the inner material is prepared by being imprisoned in the jelly as a liquid. Thus, when you consume your cocktail in a semi-solid consistency with a spoon, the jelly consistency bursts and the cocktail is spread in the mouth. Molecular mixology cocktails can be designed in accordance with corporate identity and company logos at company events.
Alcoholoco, with its molecular cocktails, is far beyond all bar techniques you have ever known, and brings with it a new understanding where boundaries are completely removed.


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As Alcoholoco, to special events and corporate organizations; We can provide bar staff who can work in all kinds of places such as hotels, restaurants and bars.
We provide personnel support in line with the needs of the venues with our hostesses who can serve as bartender, barmaid, waiter, busboy or presentation.


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As Alcoholoco, we created the glass rental service based on a prominent shortcoming especially in home parties and outdoor events. All kinds of glasses, from whiskey glasses to long drink glasses, from wine and champagne glasses to shot glasses, can be rented with professional baskets.

We are also able to rent our professional bars with different designs and branding for events.


We are just a phone call away for all your beverage needs.

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Bar alternative beverage catering service…

An Alcoholoco classic with its specially designed bar, presentation accessories, professional bartender and presentation hostesses...
Firstly; We determine our bar team by considering the event's concept, guest profile, venue decoration and number of guests. Next, we create the appropriate beverage menu. Finally, we determine one or more of our design bars, presentation accessories and team costumes in line with expectations and requests. We create the content of our bar catering service completely in line with the tastes of the invitee.


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