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Our brand, LOCO Refresh, which we created based on healthy life trends, contains gourmet delicacies such as healthy drinks prepared with new techniques, new generation coffee and artisanal teas.

We have created the LOCO Refresh brand so that you can taste different flavors of coffee, flavored blended herbal teas and fresh healthy drinks with the quality of Loco Entertainment Group at events such as congresses, meetings and festivals.

We prepare your healthy drinks by processing real fruits and vegetables using "Cold Press" technology, preserving their extracts and vitamins.

We prepare your new generation coffees with new brewing techniques such as “siphon”, “cold brew”, “aeropress” by drawing 100% Arabica beans daily.

Among our artisanal teas, we serve different flavors such as “blooming”, “matcha”, green, white and roasted rice teas from the Far East, as well as smoked teas blended with dried herbs and spices.

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