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Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mix is ​​the bottled version of the flavors Alcoholoco has created with its 18 years of bar catering experience. Cocktail mixes prepared with the consultancy experience we provide to professional businesses and the mixology recipes we create, are full of flavor.
it is a brand new product.

Prepared from completely natural materials, Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mixes do not contain preservatives and additives.

Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mix has been produced to offer you the opportunity to make your own cocktail in the kitchen of your own home and to give you the pleasure of being your home bartender.

Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mixtures prepared from fresh fruits and natural ingredients are bottled, instantly frozen at -20oC and served frozen to your home.
In line with the food safety system, the nutritional and microbiological analyzes of our products were carried out by food laboratories accredited by Türkak Institution.

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• Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mixes that are sent frozen are stored in the freezer (-18oC).
It can be stored for 9 months.
• You can defrost faster by opening the lid for 6 hours at room temperature or by keeping it in warm water.
• You should wait for the product to dissolve in order to enjoy the fruit extracts and shake them before use.
• After the products are thawed, they should be stored in the refrigerator (4oC) and consumed within 5 days. • It is normal to see sediment inside the bottle as it is prepared with fresh ingredients.

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